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2015’s Top 10 Popular Bossen Products


Count down through our best-selling items, then take notes and save them in your cart. After all, you don’t want to miss out what’s trending in the growth of Asian snacking/bubble tea market!

10 | Lychee Jelly

Finding authentic lychee jelly in the USA could be difficult, but not anymore. The translucent mini cubes add a simple, floral, tropical fragrance and an earthy finish to your dessert. The exotic feel and the unique texture always keep customers coming back for more.

Lychee Jelly

09 | Large Fat Boba Straws

Churning the bobas is always fun, but no one would like to spoon boba balls out of the bubble tea one at a time. Save your customers and yourself some time. Make the boba straws an essential at your store.


08 | Bursting Boba® Fun Packs

While molecular gastronomy is becoming a theme in modern cuisine in recent years, popping boba is also becoming a popular topping at frozen yogurt stores. Our Bursting Boba® bundle packs allow food business owners to taste different flavors at a fair amount of sample size, and let regular consumers to be experimental and creative with the wonderful science of flavors.

Bursting Boba Fun Packs

07 | Strawberry Syrup - Pulp

It is interesting to see how smoothie has always been so popular, universally and historically. Blend some mixed berry fruits, milk, yogurt, sweetener and this wonderful concentrated syrup and make it your top-seller beverage at the store.

Strawberry Syrup Pulp

06 | Milk Tea Powder

Bossen’s product team took a lot of efforts to find this 3-in-1 powder mix that matches the authentic Taiwanese bubble tea flavor. Blend in hot water, whisk well, add ice and shake. It’s effortless, but super tasty.

Milk Tea Powder

05 | Snow Ice Base Powder

It’s obvious how Taiwanese snow ice - also called xue-hua-bing - has hit the food scene of the West Coast, especially in NorCal and SoCal, and we can imagine the trend only grows bigger. It is important for snow ice specialty stores to differentiate with its own signature flavor or healthy alternative, or to attract customers to frequent the store by offering seasonal flavors, and that’s when the base powder comes into play.

Snow Ice Base Powder

04 | Large Tapioca Pearls

A classic bubble tea drink can’t be complete without chewy and gummy tapioca pearls. It’s nothing like the cheap quick-cooking tapioca you can buy from other online stores. The store-level, high quality bobas take a little more patience, but the result is satisfying.

Large Tapioca Pearls

03 | Taro Powder - Grade A

Taro smoothie is an all-time top seller at a lot of bubble tea stores. Our powder gives a rich, vanilla-like nutty flavor with a beautiful, purple look that definitely makes it top of the list.

Taro Grade A Powder

02 | Coconut Powder

Coconut powder is so versatile because it adds a distinctive tropical note that no other flavor can replace. Try piña colada, coconut snow, milk tea or use it as a flavor enhancer in smoothie, frozen yogurt, ice cream, pudding or jellies.

Coconut Powder

01 | Strawberry Bursting Boba®

Kudos to Strawberry Bursting Boba®! Obviously popping boba is still the craze, and strawberry wins out of all of the thirteen flavors we have. After all, it’s America’s most eaten flavor.

Strawberry Bursting Boba

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