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5 Reasons Aloe Vera Should Be Your Next Menu Item


Aloe Vera

We know you are always looking for a new item for your [store/home] menu. Today, we would like to recommend aloe vera - sometimes described as The Wonder Plant or The Magic Plant - to your listing. And here is why.



Digestion Helper, Detoxification, Great for Your Skin, Rich in Amino Acids, Enzymes and Minerals... Need We Say More?



Aloe vera is known for its health benefits. This Happy and Raw article has the list of benefits and effects for the miraculous plant, and it will surprise you for sure.

Simply Pleasant To Look At

The soft, jelly-like aloe vera gel creates one-of-a-kind presentation that no other food ingredients can copy. It looks refreshing and tempting, and is great to play around with when you want to be creative about your food presentation. We would suggest to use a transparent container - such as a glass, or a clear plastic cup to display how aloe vera is beautifully layered within the dessert. Or simply have a scoop of it on top, and sprinkled with lemon zest, or any other toppings you would like.


The Taste - We've Got You Covered



Under the spiky, succulent skin leaves of the aloe vera plant is the crystal clear flesh we eat. It is usually cut into small cubes and tastes juicy, chewy and gummy. The aloe vera gel derived directly from the plant can be bitter to some people. You would want to mix it with lemon or orange juice. The tangy taste covers the bitterness and brings out the fresh taste and aroma.



By now you might want to seek for other more hassle-free menu options. Bossen's Aloe Vera makes it easy for you. The ready-made aloe vera pulp is soaked in the tailored syrup (no preservatives) to make sure the taste is fresh and has zero bitterness. Before serving your aloe dessert, you do not need an extra step to get rid of the bitter taste.

Versatile Style

If you are wondering how aloe vera can fit in your restaurant concept and theme, you do not have to worry. Aloe vera has a lot of personalities. It is native to the African continent, and grows wild in tropical and subtropical climates all over the world. Cleopatra used the plant for her daily skin care. It was commonly used in the countries of Asia since the times of Alexander the Great. Now it is also garnering great attention in western countries because of its health benefits.

Aloe vera can be a fun element on your menu. It can be the main ingredient of a beverage, be it a juice, smoothie or even cocktail. It can also be used as a topping or mixed with other dessert ingredients.

Easy Operation

Bossen's Aloe Vera is fairly easy to keep and use. The aloe vera can has 2 years of shelf life. Once you open it, pour it over to a plastic container, have it covered and keep it refrigerated. It can last for about one week.

For each serving of an aloe vera drink, we would suggest to use 3 oz of aloe vera gel. A Bossen Aloe Vera can can make about 35 servings.

Aloe vera can definitely be a delightful, refreshing, and healthy option to your menu.








Interested? Give it a try, here.



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