RECIPE: Hot Grass Jelly (Using Liquid)

Hot Grass Jelly is a traditional Taiwanese dessert which many of Taiwanese people have enjoyed since their childhood. It was common to infuse with taro balls, azuki beans (red beans) and sweet potato. Nowadays you can find it really popular as a topping of Taiwanese milk tea.

You will need:
1 bottle Bossen Hot Grass Jelly (6.6 lbs.)
190 grams corn starch
33 lbs. water
1. Mix in whole bottle of Bossen Hot Grass Jelly with corn starch
2. Add in 33 lbs. (528 oz.) of water and cook until boil
3. Let the mixture cool down and then refrigerate it until the texture becomes jelly-like.
*Don't put the mixture in a freezer.

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