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Learn How to Make Your Tapioca Pearls Taste Better & CHEWIER!


Learn How To Make Your Tapioca Pearls ChewierWe get this question often from different bubble tea stores, "How do I make my tapioca pearls (Boba) chewier?"

Our answer to that question is that it depends on the source of your products. Each batch of tapioca is different due to the tapioca starch used to make them. Tapioca starch quality varies from location to location and season to season. It's the same reason why red wine tastes different from year to year.

Since we do not have control over the consistency of the product, the secret to unlocking the best tasting and most chewy texture of tapioca pearl is through the cooking technique. Even the best source of supply can have seasonal variations in production. As a business owner, you have to learn and adjust accordingly. If you have no idea how or you have other things to worry about, then your supplier should help you with quality control.

At, we check the quality of all of our products, so that our clients can produce consistent quality to serve to their customers.

We document our tapioca batches yearly, and we keep that log as a benchmark for each shipment. We also have a Research and Development kitchen onsite to test the quality of every batch of tapioca.

Feel free to ask us any questions by calling our office at (510) 324-0168.

Here at, we succeed when you succeed!

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