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Winter Fancy Food Show 2020 Press Release - What's New, What's Hot


Press Release: Winter Fancy Food Show 2020, January 19-21

Bossen What's New, What's Hot for the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Fran, CA

Main Product Focus:

Dragon Fruit Bursting Boba Pure10
Orange Bursting Boba Pure25
Tiger Sugar Milk Tea Syrup
Taro Crystal Boba
Paper Straws
#bobalife Pool Party cup

Headline: It's a Bubble Tea World Full of Fruity Bobas, Taro and Tiger Sugar Milk Tea Syrup!

As one of the leading wholesalers of bubble tea, snow ice and dessert toppings, Bossen will be exhibiting at the Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS) in San Francisco, California with five brand new product. The WFFS convention will take place from January 19th to 21st, 2020 at the Moscone Center, and will feature more than 80,000+ specialty food and beverage companies with 1,400+ exhibits from all over the world.

This year’s What’s New, What's Hot display will showcase two highly requested Bursting Boba® flavors: Dragon Fruit and Orange. These two fruit juices are captured in thin bubbles using the molecular gastronomy, and made into juice balls that pop in your mouth releasing refreshing and delicious juices. Our Dragon Fruit Bursting Boba® Pure10 looks and tastes just like the real fruit because contains real dragon fruit juices inside each boba. Get a bright splash of tangy sweetness in our Orange Bursting Boba® Pure25 - made with 25% real fruit juices! Use Bursting Bobas® in drinks, on desserts and as decor and serve with delight.

One of the most popular, international bubble teas right now is the 'Tiger Sugar', which you can recreate with our exclusive Tiger Sugar Milk Tea Syrup. We use natural black sugar from Taiwan, the home of bubble tea, melted and blended into a perfect thickness for coating cups and letting the syrup run down like tiger stripes. Milk is then added for a chilled drink that's sure to satisfy any bubble tea lovers! Black sugar is an unrefined sweetener with many benefits according to traditional Chinese medicine; it's said to lower cholesterol, boost iron and calcium, relieve pain and even nourish blood circulation. Our Tiger Sugar Milk Tea Syrup is rich in flavor and fragrance to enhance many foods and beverages.

No bubble tea drink is complete without boba. Try our newest flavor of chewy, ready-to-serve Crystal Boba Taro. With a beautiful purple sheen, our taro flavored crystal boba embodies a light, nutty vanilla taste with a smooth, soft crunch that's an enjoyable add-on to drinks and desserts. It's also easily sucked into our boba-sized paper straws. Our Paper Straws are made from 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable paper with long-lasting durability. It comes in regular 8mm and 12mm and fits flawlessly into our custom printed #bobalife Pool Party cup. Our 2-sided unique design with Taro Tim celebrates the fun and adventurous nature of bubble teas and their infinite combination of flavors! 

Come visit Bossen at booth #5148 and pick up a free tote bag while sampling our newest products in bubble teas, toppings and sweet treats! Register to attend the Winter Fancy Food Show and immerse yourself in the cutting-edge food-service industry. Be sure to check out our tradeshow schedule to see if we'll be near your city next.

For more information go to or call 510.324.0168.

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About Bossen

Bossen strives to be a “One Stop Shop for Fun Asian Eats” by providing all ingredients and supplies necessary for a bubble tea, snow ice or frozen yogurt shop. In addition to our reputation as a top-notch brand and supplier of bubble tea, we also offer business consultations and hands-on training for store owners through our Boba Academy. Bossen is headquartered in Hayward, California, the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. The brand was launched in 2012 under its parent company Leadway International Inc. and debuted that same year. Bossen serves over 300+ local food business within the Bay Area and over 1000+ food businesses nationally. Bossen continues to grow exponentially each year, and is already shipping internationally.

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