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New and Improved: Large Tapioca Pearls!


Bossen Tapioca Pearls have always had a lot of fans.

Bossen Tapioca Pearls


A while ago we let our local restaurant clients try a new version of large tapioca pearls, and they were blown away. The mix of the soft, chewy and al dente texture makes even better bubble tea drinks!

So we decided to share the great product with our online customers. Starting from today, we will change the large tapioca pearls to the new and improved version. We hope you will love them just like we do!

Click here to shop the large tapioca!

(If you like mini-sized, click here. We love them the same!)

If you are wondering how to cook tapioca, click here.

If you are looking for a Taiwanese style bubble tea recipe, here you go!



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