Get into the White Rabbit Bubble Tea craze!


White Rabbit Candy Bubble Tea

ūüźá It's official: the world is crazy for White Rabbit Bubble Tea!¬†2019 is White Rabbit Candy's 60th Year Anniversary and we are EXCLUSIVE partners celebrating the internationally sought-after bubble tea recipe. As a milk-based candy, White Rabbit Candies are made for bubble tea drinks!!¬†Get everything you¬†need from us to create your own White Rabbit drinks with matching blue bobas and recipe¬†below.¬†

ūüźá¬†Bossen invites you to¬†take a trip down memory lane of nostalgia and soft, creamy candy! Do you remember chewing on White Rabbit Milk Candy as a kid? It's a hard candy wrapped in edible rice paper, you chew it until it gets soft and oozes creamy milky flavor.¬†Bring back your childhood memories and nostalgia¬†by making a White Rabbit Candy bubble tea!

ūüźá Hop to it!¬†
Bundle together with our Non-Dairy Creamer, Sweetener and original Crystal Boba dyed with our Butterfly Pea Flower Tea and create your own delicious White Rabbit Milk Tea. These are wonderful gift ideas too for the holidays and every occasion! 


¬†ūüźá¬†DOWNLOAD the Exclusive White Rabbit Bubble Tea Recipe


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White Rabbit Candy Bubble Tea recipe

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