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NEW Product: Spook-tacular Halloween Cups


Exclusive Design: Halloween Cup 2019


Get spooky with our EXCLUSIVE Halloween Cup design!


Get our custom designed holiday cup just in time for Halloween! Serve your bubble teas in style with spooktacular cuteness and creepiness. Each cup has a 360 degree (two-sided) design printed on it. Use for chilled drinks and spice up your boo-ba with a treat, not a trick!

Cups are 95mm PP plastic cups made from polypropylene, the Y700 series (plain version) and fits the PP cup lid, or sealing film using a sealing machine. Each case holds 1000 cups, at 26.4 lbs gross weight, box measures L49 x W40 x H64cm. We also sell in small quantity rolls - perfect for any party or gathering!



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