Bubble Tea Concentrated Syrup Sample Kit

Bubble Tea Concentrated Syrup Sample Kit

SKU: MT010

Our Bubble Tea Syrup Sample Kit features the five most popular bubble tea concentrated syrups to make delicious bubble tea drinks at home.

Start practicing with simple steps for fresh drinks. We include 5 popular flavors in syrups. In addition to your kit, we include a few recipes so you can start making your boba and serving it at home, for friends at parties, and more. 

Kits are ONLY available for ONLINE orders, including In-store Pickup. NOT available for Walk-Ins.

Our Syrup KIT includes:

5 SYRUPS ( 250 grams/8.8 ounce for each)
(1) Honeydew
(1) Lychee
(1) Mango

(1) Peach


Total Weight: 1,250g (44 oz)