Tapioca Pearls & Crystal Bobas

A bubble tea experience only authentic with chewy bobas inside your drink! 😋 Get our Bossen Tapioca Pearls or Crystal Bobas to make the best tasting chewy bobas! Learn why bubble tea is the 'drink that you can eat!'.

Our tapioca and crystal bobas are made from only the freshest ingredients sourced from Taiwan, the home of bubble tea. Sweeten your tapioca with black sugar, brown sugar, honey or just fructose and flavor up your bubble tea drink in seconds.

Our no-cook, no prep translucent crystal bobas are easy to serve, fun and pre-sweetened for all your boba drinks. Add them to tropical fruit flavored iced tea, or traditional milk tea flavors for a yummy drink any time anywhere! 🥤


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Large Tapioca Pearls Boba
Tapioca Pearls - Large Boba
From $8.95 - $37.50
Crystal Boba - Black Sugar Tapioca
Crystal Boba - Black Sugar
From $11.95 - $63.95
Crystal Boba - Matcha Tapioca
Crystal Boba - Matcha
From $11.95 - $63.95
Original Crystal Boba - BossenStore.com
 - 1
Crystal Boba - Original
From $9.95 - $54.95
Crystal Boba - Rainbow | NEW
Crystal Boba - Rainbow | NEW
From $11.95 - $63.95
Sold Out
Crystal Boba Three Pack Sample by Bossen