Premium Bubble Tea All-in-One Sample Kit | NEW has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 4 reviews.

Premium Bubble Tea All-in-One Sample Kit | NEW

Premium Bubble Tea All-in-One Sample Kit | NEW

SKU: MT018

Our Bubble Tea All-In-One Sample Kit features more than 100 pcs total of bubble tea ingredients and tools needed to make delicious bubble tea drinks at home.

Start practicing with everything you need for fresh boba. We include several popular flavors in powders, syrups, teas, toppings, and more. In addition to your kit, we include a few recipes so you can start making your boba and serving it at home, for friends at parties, and more.

Kits are ONLY available for ONLINE orders, including In-store Pickup. NOT available for Walk-Ins.

Our Sample KIT includes:

SIX POWDERS ( 230 grams - 8.1 ounce/each)
(1) Coconut
(1) Honeydew
(1) Milk Tea

(1) Taro
(1) Thai Tea


SIX SYRUPS ( 250 grams/8.8 ounces for each)
(1) Honeydew
(1) Lychee
(1) Mango
(1) Peach


(1) Tapioca Pearls (TA0042 Sample Pack - 300g )
(1) Bursting Boba


(2.3 oz, random flavor)
(1) Crystal Boba (200g (7.05 oz), original flavor)
** After opening, please properly store with the bag sealed airtight, in a cool and dry environment. It is suggested to be cooked within 48 hours after opening for best quality.


TWO Teas 
(1) TB0023 Black Tea Bags (25 g X10 bags)
(1) TB0033 Green Tea Bags  (25 g X10 bags)


(1) Non-Dairy Creamer (2.64 lbs/1.2 kg)
(50) 16 oz PET Plastic Cups 
(50) 16 oz PET Cup Flat Lids
(50) Big Straws (assorted colors/wrapped)
(1) KS0100 Shake cup (530ml)
(1) Powder Spoon


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