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Gift an original present with our hand-picked goodies 🤗 from of popular and unique Bossen brand products! 🥤Choose from our Bubble Tea All-in-One Sample Kit featuring over 70 pcs of products and over 12 flavors of drinks and endless possibilities to mix and match.

Plus, our Mini Fun Pack of Bursting Boba are delicious and wonderful to taste-test FUN toppings before buying the larger product for yourself or your store. 🎁 Perfectly sized for gift-giving, all in one packages are simple and easy to use. Bubble tea every day is a happy day!


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Bubble Tea All-In-One Sample Kit 1 Set Store Misc

Bubble Tea All-in-One Sample Kit


Our Bubble Tea All-In-One Sample Kit features more than 70pcs total of bubble tea ingredients and tools needed to make delicious bubble tea drinks at home. Start practicing with everything you need for fresh boba. We include several popular flavors in powders, syrups, teas, toppings and more. In addition to your kit, we include a few recipes so ...

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Bursting Boba® Fun Packs Boba

Bursting Boba® Mini Fun Party Packs


Fun Pack Party Kit contains either a 3-pack or 6-pack with different, 1 pound size mini-tubs of each Bursting Boba® Flavor in a small round "bubble" with 14% real fruit juice inside a coated gummy-like edible membrane. Pop some in your mouth, and let the amazing, fruity juices burst on your tastebuds!* Blueberry* Kiwi* Mango* Passion Fruit* Pome...

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