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Get our Sample Kits with hand-picked goodies 🤗 from of popular and unique Bossen brand products! These are wonderful to taste-test new flavors and toppings before buying the larger product for yourself or your store. 🎁 Perfectly sized for gift-giving, all in one packages are simple and easy to understand. Bubble tea every day is a happy day!🥤


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Bubble Tea All-In-One Sample Kit 1 Set Store Misc

Bubble Tea All-in-One Sample Kit


Our Milk Tea Sample Kit has evolved and improved! This kit now includes a more complete collection of samples. It is the perfect sampling/starter kit for stores that want to carry bubble tea on the side of their business, and for individuals who would like a taste of everything.                            More Info The kit includes: Powder (6 ...

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Bursting Boba® Fun Packs Boba

Bursting Boba® Mini Fun Packs


We've upgraded Bursting Boba® Mini Fun Packs to 6 flavors. Now lychee flavor joins the family to make more fun desserts possible. Bossen, the leading flagship in innovative dessert experience, has brought to you the newest creation that took the entire world by storm. The Bursting Boba® series, being creative and joyful yet healthy and tasty, ha...

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