Bubble Tea All-in-One Sample Kit (NEW!) has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 3 reviews.

Bubble Tea All-in-One Sample Kit (NEW!)

Bubble Tea All-in-One Sample Kit (NEW!)

Coming back in mid-March!

Our Milk Tea Sample Kit has evolved and improved! This kit now includes a more complete collection of samples. It is the perfect sampling/starter kit for stores that want to carry bubble tea on the side of their business, and for individuals who would like a taste of everything.  


The kit includes:

Powder (6 oz of each flavor) Taro Coconut Thai Tea Milk Tea  Honeydew Premium Matcha Green Tea


Syrup (6 oz of each flavor) Strawberry (Some Pulp) Mango Lychee Passion Fruit Peach Honeydew


Topping *Large Tapioca Pearls x 1 bag (0.66 lb./10.6 oz) Crystal Boba x 1 bag (7 oz - random flavor, no selection allowed) Bursting Boba Pure25 x 1 sampler tub (2.3 oz - random flavor, no selection allowed)

*After opening, please properly store with the bag sealed air tight, in a cool and dry environment. It is suggested to be cooked within 48 hours after opening for best quality.


Tea Leaves (2 oz of each kind) Black Tea - 8061 Jasmine Green Tea - A2



16 oz PET Plastic Cups x 20 16 oz PET Cup Flat Lids x 20 Large Bubble Tea Straws (individually wrapped, colors vary) x 20 


Others Non-Dairy Creamer x 1 bag (1 lb)


Optional: 17 oz (530cc) Shaker *Stainless steel shakers will burn or freeze your hand when you put hot/cold water in them. Use our special shaker, made from heat and cold resistant poly-plastic material to give you more protection from heat and chill.*   For direction and recipe on how to use our products, please check "Recommendations" tab on each product's page or click here.

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