Bossen Bubble Tea Gift Box | NEW has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

Bossen Bubble Tea Gift Box | NEW

Bossen Bubble Tea Gift Box | NEW

SKU: TS0002

Creating the perfect boba tea at home is easy with a fun kit that includes the essentials, from milk tea powder and crystal boba to big straws.

Kits are ONLY available for ONLINE orders, including In-store Pickup. NOT available for Walk-Ins.

Our Gift Box includes:

6 Packs of POWDERS (30 grams each bag)
(3) Milk Tea

(3) Taro

3 Packs of TOPPINGs
(3) Crystal Boba (200g (7.05 oz), original flavor)
** After opening, please properly store with the bag sealed airtight, in a cool and dry environment. It is suggested to be cooked within 48 hours after opening for best quality.



(6) Big Straws (Eco-Straw/wrapped)

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