Bubble Tea & Smoothie Drinks Blender

Bubble Tea & Smoothie Drinks Blender

SKU: EM0061

Make bubble tea drinks fast with our tea blender! Also great for mixing smoothies and other delicious drinks. Quick and easy to learn and use.

Why get our Bubble Tea & smoothie Drinks Blender?


  • * Easy to use interface (2 dials and 1 button)
  • * Set eight different variables (shake, tea brewing, milk foam, cream, smoothie, speed)
  • * Set speed control
  • * Removable blender container for easy cleaning
  • * Safe with no blades exposed
  • * Blender container included - holds 1200cc, spill-proof lid and measurements on side
  • * Overload protection

Model: EJ-816

Power: 220V / 50-60 Hz / 1200 W

Dimension: 12cm x 21.5cm x 23cm (19cm x 21cm x 41 cm with mug)

Net Weight: 6.6 lbs