Tea Blender Set (Base+Container)

Tea Blender Set (Base+Container)

SKU: GEM0061

Make any tea drinks (bubble tea, fruit tea, hot/cold teas) fast with our tea blender!

Easy to use and makes tea in minutes! 


Get our Crema Whipping Powder Container and create the perfect crema foam (item sold separately).


Why get our Tea Blender?

  • * Perfect for liquids, best used with tea bags
  • * Easy to use interface (2 dials and 1 button)
  • * Different variables (shake, tea brewing, milk foam, cream, speed)
  • * Set speed control
  • * Removable blender container for easy cleaning
  • * Safe with no blades exposed
  • * Blender container included - holds 1200cc, spill-proof lid and measurements on side
  • * Overload protection

Model: EJ-816

Power110V / 50-60 Hz / 1200 W

Dimension: 12cm x 21.5cm x 23cm (19cm x 21cm x 41 cm with mug)

Net Weight: 6.6 lbs

Not a traditional blender, does not have blades for crushing ice or food chunks/particles.