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Ground Jade Oolong Tea

Ground Jade Oolong Tea

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Bossen's ground Jade Oolong Tea has clean and crisp tea flavors. Just add our non-dairy creamer and sweetener for a milk tea! 

  • Taste: smooth and slightly nutty flavors of a green tea
  • Appearance: golden brown
  • Type of Tea: Oolong tea 

Ingredients: Oolong tea

Net Weight: 

Bag:  500 grams

Case: 27.5 lbs (NW.) / 29.7 lbs (GW.)

Bossen Gluten FreeBossen Dairy FreeBossen Seafood FreeBossen Nut FreeBossen Vegan

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Storage & Care:

- Avoid excessive heat or moisture.

- Avoid constant exposure to light.

- Expiration date as marked on the package.


Shelf Life: 2 years


Country of Origin: Taiwan



Using Tea Espresso Machine

-Put 9 g of tea leaves for each making.

-Water temperature is 95° C.

-Each making yields the tea extract to make a 16 oz drink.