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Milk Tea Sample Kit

Milk Tea Sample Kit

This is the perfect sampling/starter kit for stores that want to carry bubble tea on the side of their business. 


The kit includes:


Powders (6 oz of each flavor good for 2 servings)



Thai Tea

Milk Tea 


Premium Matcha Green Tea



20 x 16 oz PET plastic cups 20 x 16 oz PET cup flat lids 20 x Large bubble tea straws  3 bags x 0.66 lb. (10.6 oz) tapioca pearls *After opening, please properly store with the bag sealed air tight, in cool and dry places. It is suggested to be cooked within 48 hours after opening for best quality.*


17 oz (530cc) shaker optional. *Stainless steel shakers will burn or freeze your hand when you put hot/cold water in them. Use our special shaker, made from heat and cold resistant poly-plastic material to give you more protection from heat and chill.*   For direction and recipe on how to use our products, please check "Recommendations" tab on each product's page or click here.

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