PET Light Bulb Cup with Steel Lid

PET Light Bulb Cup with Steel Lid

A light bulb cup is the latest, trendiest way to serve a bubble tea drink. It gives a new face not only to your drinks, but also to your brand image.

*Each set comes with 1 case of light bulb cups and a separate bag of steel lids and seals that work specifically with the cups.*

Price per unit:

-16 oz: $0.920 per cup + lid

-22 oz: $0.972 per cup + lid




Storage & Care:

- Avoid excessive heat or moisture.

- Avoid constant exposure to sunlight.

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Gross Weight:

- 16 oz (500 ml): 18 lbs per case

- 22 oz (660 ml): 26 lbs per case

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