Tapioca Smart Cooker

Tapioca Smart Cooker

SKU: EM0522

The Tapioca Smart Cooker is a great solution. It saves lots of time stirring the boba constantly and cooking at the perfect temperature in order not to let the boba burned or stuck to the bottom of the pot.

The Cooker is designed for Boba Tea cafes, Ice Cream shops, and restaurants. It can automatically detect the temperature. After reaching the specific temperature, it will be transferred into the indirect hearting process. So the tapioca will be heated evenly and keep the elasticity.

  • 70 minute cooking time (plus 25 minutes to boil water).
  • Can cook up to 3kg (6.6lbs) of tapioca at one time.
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • CUL/UL EPH Certified
  • Magnetic Mixer
  • English Touch Screen

Product Details

Voltage – 200V/240V 
Diameter: W 12.4"(31.5cm), D 20.4" (51.9cm) , H 26.9" (68.5cm)
Weight – 15.5KG (33 lbs)
Certification – CUL/UL EPH CERTIFIED

You can check the following video for more details: