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New Product: Bubble Tea & Smoothie Drink Shaker Machine

Bubble Tea & Smoothie Drink Shaker Machine
We are excited to introduce Shaker Machine to all of our store customers. This machine is to make ingredients - such as fructose, raw sugar, creamer, powder-type drinks - dissolve completely and blend perfectly in the beverage. It will save you more man power, and make consistent drink quality.

The machine makes store operation more efficient. The horizontal design makes it easy to lock in and to take out the shaker from the holder. It also gives bartenders more time to focus on other things, such as food preparation, customer service. etc. 

The machine can also make sure your drinks are always in great quality. You can set up to 360 seconds of shaking time, and select from 10 speed levels. You can save up to 5 shaking modes for different types of beverage. For example, black tea for 8 seconds, green tea for 5 seconds, etc. The setting can vary based on the ingredients and the taste you hope to deliver to the customers. We would recommend you to try different settings for the best result before using it.

Interested? More product details, here.

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