Straws for Drinks, Bubble Teas, Smoothies, etc.

ūü•§Serve your bubble tea drinks, fruit beverages, smoothies and more with our regular (8mm diameter) and boba size (12mm) straws. We have the perfect size and length (21cm, 23cm, 29cm) for every cup you can think of!¬†They come in plain, striped or rainbow colors, big or small, short or tall! All our straws¬†fit most cups and lids.

Get our 12mm sized straws sucking a mouthful of chewy toppings! These are designed to fit large tapioca pearls, Bursting Bobas and lots more in each sip. Many straws comes individually wrapped to ensure cleanliness, or in a bundle to save plastic. Beware the plastic ban in many cities/countries!

We now have ECO-FRIENDLY straws made from bamboo fibers and are long-lasting in drinks. Want to imprint your logo or brand onto your straws? Check out our Custom Printing service!

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Large Boba 12Mm Straws (21Cm Wrapped) Assorted | Case Of 2250 Pcs Cups And Packagings
Boba Straws, 12mm Wrapped (21cm)
From $5.95 - $38.95
Mini Boba 8mm Straws (Wrapped) - - 1
Straws, 8mm Wrapped (21cm)
$38.95 - $38.95