Mini Mochi

Our Bossen mini mochis are soft, sweet and chewy toppings you add to frozen yogurt or ice cream for a little FUN that's also delicious! Mochi are traditional Japanese rice cakes that come in a variety of flavors: assorted or original. make a perfect addition to frozen yogurt or ice cream for a delicious and fun finishing touch.


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Original Mini Mochi -
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Mini Mochi - Original


Bossen Original Mini Mochi is one of the most popular flavors you can think of to top off your favorite dessert. Imagine a spoonful of matcha green tea snow ice or frozen yogurt, sided with these little rice cake balls, and a bit of red bean. Totally m-i-n-d b-l-o-w-n!  what's this More Info Ingredients: HYDROXYPROPYL DISTARCH PHOSPHATE, GL...

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Assorted Mini Mochi -
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Mini Mochi, Assorted


Four flavors, one bag of enjoyment! Get our assorted mini mochi rice cakes and top off your cold desserts with a soft, fluffy and chewy cloud of deliciousness. 😋 Textured like a marshmallow, but with the gentle touch of sweetness. 🍦🍧🍨🍮 Add to yogurt, ice cream and snow ice for a sweet treat!* Strawberry 🍓* Mango * Blueberry* Original* Suggested ...

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