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Store Equipment for Bubble Tea, Snow Ice, & More

Store Equipment for Bubble Tea, Snow Ice, & More

Fully equip your kitchen to make everything from bubble teas to shaved snow ice with our selection of Bossen machines. Each machine is made for high quality commercial use and built for daily use in bubble tea shops, snow ice stores and restaurants.

Our Bossen equipment are dependable and durable, with easy-to-use features and custom settings. Create delicious tasting drinks and desserts that keep customers coming back for more!


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Cutter Blade for Snow Ice Shaver
Bubble Tea Shaker Machine
Bubble Tea Shaker Machine
$1,400.00 - $1,400.00
Creamer Dispenser
Powder Dispenser - CE Certified
$1,340.00 - $1,340.00
Blender Base - Model EJ816
Blender - Base
$342.20 - $342.20
smart cooker 3.0
Tapioca Smart Cooker 3.0
$3,640.00 - $3,640.00
Hot Water Machine
Steam and Hot Water Machine
$2,610.40 - $2,610.40