Tapioca Pearls & Crystal Bobas

😋 It’s not an authentic bubble tea experience without bobas!! Known as “the drink you can eat”, our bobas range from cooked tapioca (most popular) to no-cook/ready-to-serve flavored crystal bobas. Enhance any boba tea with boba balls! 

🥤 Our tapioca and crystal bobas are made from only the freshest ingredients sourced from Taiwan, the home of bubble tea. Enhance your boba flavor with our sweeteners such as: black sugar syrup, honey or liquid fructose.


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Large Tapioca Pearls Boba
Tapioca Pearls - Large Boba
From $8.95 - $37.50
Sold Out
Crystal Boba - Black Sugar Tapioca
Crystal Boba - Black Sugar
From $11.95 - $63.95
Crystal Boba - Matcha Tapioca
Crystal Boba - Matcha
From $11.95 - $63.95
Original Crystal Boba - BossenStore.com
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Crystal Boba - Original
From $9.95 - $54.95
Crystal Boba - Rainbow
Crystal Boba - Rainbow
From $11.95 - $63.95