How To Read Our Expiration Date


For your health, we do our best to ensure the freshness of our products. While most of our products use a regular date form, some use a short code form. In order for you to join us in securing food safety, we would like to explain how you can find and read the expiration date on our products.

Where to Find the Code

Expiration code can be found on the cap or the bottle/bag. It includes one letter and four digits of numbers. (i.e. J2345)

How to Read the Code

To decode, divide the code into three sections:

1. The letter indicates the year. For corresponding year, please refer to the chart below. i.e. J = 2017

2. The first two numbers subtracting 20 indicate the month. i.e. 23 – 20 = 03 (March)

3. The last two numbers subtracting 20 indicate the day. i.e. 45 - 20 = 25 (25th)


*Some products include two codes on the package. The one on top should be the manufacturing date, while the bottom one should be the expiration.

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