Bubble Tea Cups, Lids, Straws & Sealing Film

🥤Serve your bubble tea drinks, smoothies and more in our PP and PET cups! We carry a variety of 90mm, 95mm, 98mm and 105mm cups and lids: from dome lids to flat lids to sip lids for every way to get your boba tea and coffee.

We also carry colorful straws, regular to big, short to extra long. Our Bossen brand boba tea straws are designed to fit large tapioca pearls, bursting bobas and lots of toppings into each sip. Each straw comes individually wrapped to ensure cleanliness. We now have ECO-FRIENDLY straws!!

Get our Sealing Films for your cups and guarantee no-spillage and a fun design with each drink. We provide a variety of designs, but also offer Custom Print with your logo and branding.


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Winter Time PP + PPQ Plastic Cups (95Mm) Straws And Packagings