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The Classic combo: Teas and Syrups

Elevate your bubble tea game and indulge in a symphony of flavors with our exquisite Bubble Tea and Syrups. Each sip is a journey of pure bliss, waiting to be savored and enjoyed.


Bubble Tea: Our premium tea leaves are the perfect balance of richness and aroma, creating a base that's both refreshing and invigorating.


Concentrated Syrup: Bossen syrups taste exquisite and pair perfectly with our Teas. Premium and high quality, Bossen's Teas and Syrups deliver a burst of flavor that are hard to resist. 


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Strawberry Syrup Bottle
Strawberry Syrup - Some Pulp
From $12.93 - $68.64
Mango Syrup Bottle
Mango Syrup
From $12.93 - $68.64
Black Sugar Syrup
Black Sugar Syrup
From $15.13 - $78.00
peach syrup
Peach Syrup
From $12.93 - $68.64
Passion Fruit Syrup
Passion Fruit Syrup
From $12.93 - $68.64
Premium Brown Sugar Syrup Bottle
Premium Brown Sugar Syrup
From $30.53 - $117.52
Lychee Syrup Bottle
Lychee Syrup
From $12.93 - $68.64
Jasmine Green Tea B3, Loose Leaf closeup
Jasmine Green Tea B3, Loose Leaf
From $7.70 - $257.92
Dragon Fruit Syrup Bottle
Dragon Fruit Syrup
From $15.13 - $76.96