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Bossen Bursting Boba Extreme Sour

Bossen introduces Bursting Boba Sour to tingle your taste buds with an explosion of flavor! 

These boba pearls are filled with a burst of sour liquid that will surprise and delight your senses.


Explore the world of Bursting Boba Sour with 4 bold flavors:

Orange | Blue Raspberry | Cherry | Lemon

ORANGEPopping with a citrus, sour flavor, Orange Bursting Boba is filled with tropical goodness and a hint of sourness!

BLUE RASPBERRYBlue Raspberry Bursting Boba is filled with a vibrant tangy flavor with a zesty exhilarating kick!

CHERRYCherry Bursting Boba is filled with a tart and crisp flavor that will wake up your taste buds!

LEMONLemon Bursting Boba is filled with a zingy and citrusy BITE, perfect for a refreshing twist!

Add its fun and freshness to bubble teas, fruit teas, iced teas, smoothies, frozen desserts such as yogurt, ice cream and even chilled drinks and cocktails. 

Available in 3.2 kg and 490g variants

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