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The Basics to Successfully Marketing Your Bubble Tea Shop

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new owner just starting to open a boba tea store or a seasoned entrepreneur thinking about rebranding, properly marketing your bubble tea shop is a great way to boost sales, revitalize your store’s presence, and ultimately grow your business.

How to Write a Business Plan for Your Bubble Tea Shop

Writing a business plan can seem time-consuming and unnecessary, but the results may help paint a better picture of your store’s potential while dodging possible risks and pitfalls.

How to Write a Business Plan for Your Bubble Tea Shop

Making the Perfect Cup of Milk Tea at a Bubble Tea Shop

Even though milk tea seems simple enough to make, there’s actually an art to creating a great quality version of this drink. To the surprise of many newcomers in the bubble tea industry, it takes a certain amount of effort, attention to detail, and several phases of quality control to produce a smooth and silky milk tea. This process doesn’t get any easier even if you own a bubble tea shop. In this article, we will not only go over three efficient methods for making delicious milk tea, we will also discuss tea fermentation and provide expert tips for optimal tea brewing.

Brewing Tips for Different Tea Types

How to Start Your Own Bubble Tea Business

How to Start Your Own Bubble Tea Business with Bossen

If you are someone who is passionate about bubble tea, you may have already considered the possibility of turning this recreation into a career. So now the big question is, how do you start? Here are some helpful steps to follow for starting your own bubble tea business.

Exploring Bubble Tea: Past, Present, and Future

You might have seen the malted drinks in plastic cups with a bottom layer of mysterious round toppings and wondered, what is that? This new beverage craze is known as bubble tea, a cold and frosty Taiwanese drink that combines tea, creamer, and sweet tapioca pearls -- all sipped through a fun-colored fat straw. If you’re curious about what the bubbles in bubble tea are made of, it is basically extracted starch found in cassava roots, a nutty-tasting South African underground stem.

Bossen What is Bubble Tea

How to Select Plastic Cups, Lids, and Straws for Your Bubble Tea Shop

Although choosing clear plastic cups may seem like an afterthought after opening a bubble tea business, it is important to understand that having the right disposable tea cups can not only showcase your brand's personality, it can also create a direct connection with your customers. Making a thoughtful decision can actually help improve your business as well as cut costs in the long run. Here is Bossen's guide to finding the perfect disposable cold cups for your bubble tea shop.

How to Select Plastic Cups, Lids and Straws for Your Bubble Tea Shop