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Making the Perfect Cup of Milk Tea at a Bubble Tea Shop

Even though milk tea seems simple enough to make, there’s actually an art to creating a great quality version of this drink. To the surprise of many newcomers in the bubble tea industry, it takes a certain amount of effort, attention to detail, and several phases of quality control to produce a smooth and silky milk tea. This process doesn’t get any easier even if you own a bubble tea shop. In this article, we will not only go over three efficient methods for making delicious milk tea, we will also discuss tea fermentation and provide expert tips for optimal tea brewing.

Brewing Tips for Different Tea Types

What Is Boba

What exactly is the boba in bubble tea, and is there more than one particular type? Three popular types of boba explained, in both graphic and words.

What Is Boba Infographic

Butterfly Pea Flower Drink Recipe Ideas

In this infographic we provide simple ideas to maximize the coloring effect of butterfly pea flowers. Follow the basic, then create your own signature recipe!

Valentine's Day Dessert Menu Ideas - Strawberry Filled

I guess we can all agree that one of the most romantic, Valentine's Day-related flavor is strawberry. But what are you gonna make to make your customers feel the love?

Bossen Valentine's Day Menu Idea

How to Create Unique Flavors Using Bossen Powder Mixes

We hear you.

We know creating killer products isn't easy, especially in the food and beverage industry, where competition is intense, consumers are always looking for something new.

Follow the guide to make something unique!

Bossen Powder Mix & Match Star Map