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NEW Product: Caramel Syrup


Introducing our Caramel Syrup by Bossen

Bossen's NEW Caramel Syrup is flavorful, rich and delicious - and perfect for making a salted caramel bubble tea! A must-have during Fall & Winter seasons, the caramel warms your soul and mixes well with many teas, boba drinks and more. Our Caramel Syrup is a wonderful decor to finish drinks, desserts and other sweet treats.


Try making your favorite caramel drink, just add our Tapioca, Toffee Assam Black Tea, Non-Dairy Creamer, and Caramel Syrup and top with a thick layer of crema cheese! It's a mouth-watering dessert with silky, smooth caramel mixed it and swirled on top. The caramel syrup can also be used to coat tapioca pearls after they have been cooked and rinsed. 


* Delicious, Rich Flavor
Silky, Smooth & Sweet
Great for Drinks & As a Topping
* Net Weight: 5.5 lbs per bottle, 33 lbs per case
* Shelf Life: 1 Year
* Country of Origin: Taiwan


Bossen Gluten FreeBossen Egg FreeBossen Dairy FreeBossen Seafood FreeBossen Nut FreeBossen Caffeine FreeBossen Vegan


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