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NEW Product: Custom Cups - #bobalife Pool Party and Boba Fun!


#bobalife Pool Party PP 95mm Cup for Bubble Tea, Fruit Beverages and Drinks


Jump into the #BOBALIFE with a Pool Party and Fly Away in our Boba UFO - EXCLUSIVE Cup designs!

We're launching two brand new cup designs exclusive to Bossen! It's all about the #BOBALIFE and having "Boba Fun" all the time, with drinks in hand. Our cup designs are 360-all-around and are 95mm PP plastic cups made from polypropylene. Both come in the Y700 series (plain version) and fits the PP cup lid, or sealing film using a sealing machine.

Get both designs and serve your bubble teas, fruit beverages, smoothies and other chilled drinks. Get a case or in smaller quantity rolls - perfect for any party or gathering!


1) #bobalife Pool Party (purple)

Available Now: Y700, V660

It's the #BOBALIFE pool party for our cute little tapioca babies printed on each side of the cup. How fun! Get our custom designed PP 95mm cup to use every day. Serve your bubble teas in style and don't have #FOMO but go for that #bobalife. Each cup has a 360 degree (two-sided) design printed on it. Use for chilled drinks and relax sipping bobas.

2) Boba Fun UFO (green)

Available January 2020: Y700

It's our Y700 series, 24 oz (700cc) PP Plastic Cup (95 mm) with a honeydew or matcha milk tea and green UFC sucking up boba balls printed on each side of the cup. Fun and funny cartoon for any bubble tea drink, fruit beverage and more!

Boba Fun UFO green


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