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NEW Products: Crystal Boba Cherry Blossom and Taro Flavors


No bubble tea drink is complete without boba!

And you can never have enough boba! That's why we are launching two NEW Crystal Boba flavors: Taro and Cherry Blossom. Each unique flavor is perfectly made for ready-to-serve topping in bubble teas, chilled desserts and more.

Our Crystal Boba Taro glimmers in a beautiful sugar-coated purple sheen and embodies a light, nutty vanilla taste with a smooth, soft crunch that's an enjoyable add-on to any fruit teas and on top of snow ice and yogurts. The authentic smell and taste of the taro flavor is amazing!

Crystal Boba Taro flavor

Our Crystal Boba Cherry Blossoms have a soft pink color and have a wonderful floral scent, like you're smelling Japan in the spring time. Cherry blossoms, sakura (桜), are known being seasonal, but now have the sweet flavor any time of the year! Add some to your fruit teas, green teas and floral teas such as our Raspberry & Strawberry Fruit Tea or Butterfly Pea Flower Tea.

Crystal Boba - Cherry Blossom flavor

We have several flavors of Crystal Boba already: Original, Black Sugar, Matcha and Rainbow. Each semi-translucent boba measures 1cm in diameter, and is easily sucked into our boba-sized paper straws.


* Each bag contains 25-33 serving size, based on suggested serving size: 60 - 80g scoop (2.1 - 2.8 oz)

* Net Weight: 4.4 lbs per bag, 26.4 lbs per case

* Refrigerate after opening. Best used within 48 hours.

* Country of Origin: Taiwan


Bossen Egg FreeBossen Dairy FreeBossen Seafood FreeBossen Nut FreeBossen Caffeine FreeBossen Vegan


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