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New: Bursting Boba® Pure25 Veggie Monster & More Fun Flavors

Whoever said that Bursting Boba® should only be limited to fruits? Why can’t veggies join in on the fun? That’s why we created Pure25 “Veggie Monster”, the first-ever vegetable juice infused boba on the market. This deluxe topping is a bold and health-conscious fusion of fruits and veggies that has never tasted so juicy. Liven up your drink and dessert experience with our new and enhanced hybrid bobas, Cucumber x Pineapple and Carrot x Lemon.

Bursting Boba Pure25 Veggie Monster

New: Bursting Boba® Pure25

Bursting Boba® Pure25

Pure25, Next Level Freshness

The idea of Bursting Boba® Pure25 came from the growing demand of healthy snacks. With that in mind, we want everyone to enjoy more juice in each boba bite.  We spent months to enhance boba freshness and deliciousness, and we are proud of the result - the purely fresher Pure25!  

Bossen Showcases Bursting Boba® at Summer Fancy Food Show in New York

Bossen will exhibit at Booth 5412 at North Hall of Jacob Javits Center at Summer Fancy Food Show. The brand will showcase its popular popping Bursting Boba® in six flavors, and Mini Mochi in assorted flavors. The brand will also feature on-site iced slush sample tasting. Free Bursting Boba® giveaways will also be available.

Bursting Boba BOGO Sale! (Closed)

We are so excited to announce the Bursting Boba BOGO Sale to our customers! Starting from today, if you buy one tub of 7-lb. Bursting...

New Product: Bursting Boba® Combo Fun Packs

Pre-Order TODAY and get your Bursting Boba® Combo FUN Packs! Ships late September 2013. Three Pack - Strawberry, Mango and Passion Fruit flavors Six Pack - Kiwi, Strawberry,...