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Big Thank You from Us (Closed)

It's the time of year to give and to say thank you again. We would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude with our annual "Buy More Save More" event. Keep shopping and boba on!

2017 Buy More Save More Thanksgiving

Strawberry Love in the Air - 10% off All Strawberry Flavor Products (Closed)

Take advantage of the 10% off deals (using code SWEETEST) on all of our strawberry flavor products from Strawberry Love in the Air promotion. We also have some simple Valentine's Day menu ideas in the video. You know, symbolic toppings like Strawberry Heart Jelly and Strawberry Bursting Boba® Pure25 are MIND-BLOWING!

Strawberry Love in the Air

2016 Thank You Sale Starts Now! (Closed)

Boba Tea lovers, use discount codes to get up to $30 off your order!

How Powderful! Promotion (Closed)

We are thrilled to announce this powder promotion for Bossen Powder lovers, and for those who wanted to try powders but haven't. Take this opportunity to explore new bubble tea sensations!

Bossen How Powderful Promotion

Winter Just Got Sweeter - Strawberry Sale (Closed)

We welcome you to join our Strawberry Sale promotion, where we hope to give you great deals and enormous ideas about how this popular flavor can expand your customer base. Strawberry Sale

25% Off Powder Sale! (Closed)

As spring has just sprung, summer isn't far away. Bossen has planned ahead before you for another wonderful season of bubble tea. We have a few powder products on...

Thanksgiving Specials! (Closed)

Around this time of year, we all start to anticipate the best parts of the holiday season: great food, family gatherings, and promotions! The second...

Bursting Boba BOGO Sale! (Closed)

We are so excited to announce the Bursting Boba BOGO Sale to our customers! Starting from today, if you buy one tub of 7-lb. Bursting...