Infuse your bubble tea drinks, frozen yogurts and smoothies with delicious concentrated syrups from Bossen. Our Bossen syrups are created using 100% REAL, natural fruit juices and other high-quality ingredients. Our bubble tea syrups deliver pure, sweet flavor with every pump. We specialize in hard-to-find flavors, and offer everything from tropical, fruity flavors to elegantly floral flavors for your specialty drinks. Check out our many syrup-based recipe ideas.


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Black Sugar Syrup, Brown Sugar Syrup
Black Sugar Syrup
From $10.75
Blueberry Syrup -
 - 2
Blueberry Syrup
From $10.75
Ginger Syrup Fruit
Ginger Syrup
From $18.20
Grapefruit Syrup Fruit
Grapefruit Syrup
From $10.75
Honey Syrup Bottle Fruit
Honey Syrup
From $11.50
Kumquat Syrup Fruit
Kumquat Syrup
From $10.75
Lavender Syrup Fruit
Lavender Syrup
From $10.75
Lemon Syrup -
 - 2
Lemon Syrup
From $9.20
Raspberry Syrup -
 - 2
Raspberry Syrup
From $10.75
Red Guava Syrup Bottle Fruit
Red Guava Syrup
From $10.75
Rose Syrup Bottle Fruit
Rose Syrup
From $10.75
Strawberry Syrup Some Pulp / Bottle Fruit
Strawberry Syrup
From $9.20
Wintermelon Syrup Fruit
Wintermelon Syrup
From $20.20
Yogurt Syrup Fruit
Yogurt Syrup
From $10.75