Sealing Film Machine for 95mm PP Cups (UL Certified)

Sealing Film Machine for 95mm PP Cups (UL Certified)

SKU: EM0011

Why mess with lids? Use our UL Certified sealing machines for your bubble tea cups and other cold beverages. This sealing machine creates airtight seals for 95mm PP cups. Featuring adjustable cup size holder, customizable settings for time and manual/automatic, plus easy to interchange sealing film holders.




* Easy to use interface
* Automatic or Manual Operation
* Customize sealing temperature
* Automatic counter for sealing films used
* Simple to clean
* Fast heating system
* Durable, long-lasting for store usage

* UL and NSF certified
* Dimensions: Length: 14.75" / Width: 17.25" / Height: 24.5"

Gross Weight: 66 lbs

Power: 110V

Sealing Rate: 450 cups/hour  

UL Certified

    * Warranty: 3 Months

    **Promote your business by adding your logo design to your cups and sealing film. We can also customize straw wrappers, stamp card and more. For more information, go to customized products.


    Country of Origin: Taiwan