Golden Cane Sugar Syrup | NEW | Bottle has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 2 reviews.

Golden Cane Sugar Syrup | NEW | Bottle

Golden Cane Sugar Syrup | NEW | Bottle

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Our Golden Cane Sugar Syrup is 100% natural and made with just two ingredients. 


No preservatives and no artificial food coloring means you have a healthier sweetener for making drinks, desserts and more.


Bossen's Golden Cane Sugar Syrup is great for sweetening cold or hot drinks. It's much less refined than other forms of liquid sweeteners on the market, making it healthier in terms of sugar usage.


We also have various flavored syrups as an alternative sweetener!  


* 100% Natural Sugar Cane Taste

* Two Ingredients: Sucrose, Water

* No Additives or Preservatives

* Great for Drinks, Desserts & More

* Net Weight: 4kg x 6 bottles/ Case (8.8 lbs x 6 bottles) 

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Choose from a wide variety of Bossen syrup flavors:

Mango - Pulp | Strawberry - Some Pulp | Black Sugar | Blueberry | Caramel Dragon Fruit | Ginger | Honey | Rose | Yogurt Peach | Raspberry | Watermelon Premium Brown Sugar | Honeydew | Lychee | Pineapple | Lavender | Red Guava Mango | Grapefruit Wintermelon | Orange | Lemon | Green Apple | Kumquat | Grape Passion Fruit | Kiwi | Pomegranate | Banana


Bossen Egg FreeBossen Dairy FreeBossen Seafood FreeBossen Nut FreeBossen Caffeine FreeBossen Vegan

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Storage & Care:

- Shake well before use.

- Avoid excessive heat or moisture.

- Avoid constant exposure to light.

- Expiration date as marked on the package.


Shelf Life: 1 Year


Country of Origin: Taiwan



Use in place of any regular sweetener such as raw cane sugar, fructose, honey, etc.