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Premium Brown Sugar Syrup | NEW

Premium Brown Sugar Syrup | NEW

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Inspired by one of the most popular bubble tea drinks currently on the market, Premium Brown Sugar is our version of black sugar bigger (bottle), "thicker" and "stickier" to be drizzled on the side of cups to make your tiger stripes!

Our Premium Brown Sugar Syrup has the dark brown look and delicious caramelized flavor and aroma. This Instagram fave drink is also known as Brown Sugar Milk Tea.

* Dark and thick crystalline syrup with sweet, caramelized flavor.

* Best paired with Black Sugar Syrup for drink flavor, and mixing with milk.

Used to create that insatiable "striped" boba trend.

Best used in a syrup pump (pump sold separately) or squeeze bottle to saturate the cup interior. 


Net Weight: 11.2 lbs per bottle, 44.8 lbs per case


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Bossen Gluten FreeBossen Dairy FreeBossen Seafood FreeBossen Nut FreeBossen Caffeine FreeBossen Vegan

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Storage & Care:

- Shake well before use.

- Avoid excessive heat or moisture.

- Avoid constant exposure to light.

- Expiration date as marked on the package.


Shelf Life: 1 Year


Country of Origin: Taiwan