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Bubble Tea Super Bowl Party Ideas!


What's a party without bubble tea for Super Bowl half-time?

Watching the Super Bowl is only half fun if you don't have friends and family, fun and enjoyable food & drinks! Still wondering about your game plan on Sunday night? We believe bobas can give you a quick fix.

Traditional Boba? Fruity Bursting Boba? You Name It

Bobas are fun because they create such a unique texture you can't find in any other type of food. Traditional bobas have this soft chewiness and al dente texture. Coat them with honey and/or brown sugar, and you will find this pleasant caramel flavor in the black pearl balls. 
While traditional bobas are very popular at a party, bursting bobas - also known as popping bobas - are becoming a big hit on social occasions. The bobas are the product of modern molecular gastronomy in culinary science. We love them because they pop with real fruit juice in your mouth when you chew on the soft skins of the balls. On a thematic party like Super Bowl, create the competitive vibe with the flavors that match in color with both teams. You can find Bursting Bobas at your local Japanese grocery store.


Both traditional bobas and bursting bobas go well with light-weighted tea drinks, such as black tea, green tea, oolong or even herbal tea. So if you are going to serve both types of boba, brewed tea would be the easiest way to prepare. You can find all kinds of tea products at local grocery stores, be it loose tea leaves or tea bags. Serve up with stevia, half and half or condensed milk on the side, so the guests can mix and match with their drinks and boba toppings.
If you prefer authentic Taiwanese style bubble tea, it would be smart to have a pitcher of milk tea ready. Try Bossen Milk Tea Powder Mix for an instant mix, or use our favorite - coffee black tea - and mix it with raw cane sugar and non-dairy creamer.
Being experimental is always good, especially at parties. Prepare some fizzy drinks, sparkling water, juice, or even alcoholic drinks (we love vodka) and have fun with it.

Large Cups

Super Bowl is all about fun. Be generous to your guests. Give them big mugs and glasses to slurp the fun! You can also try our jumbo cups.

Large Boba Straws

There are straws designed specifically for bobas. So be sure to get them before the party!

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