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7 Reasons to Love Bursting Boba® on your Bubble Tea, Snow Ice, Yogurt & More!

Bossen Bursting Boba®

If you haven't tried Bursting Boba, you will be amazed how the tiny juice balls can satisfy all of your five senses! Here's the Hows and Whys:

1. Cuteness Factor

Our Bursting Boba® catches a lot of attention because it's new and unique in flavor and shape! Each tiny Bursting Boba is shiny, and translucent with REAL fruit juices inside. You can mix the flavors and get a mouthful of bursting fruitiness. They are color and bright for parties and drinks and on food. You can mix and match Bursting Boba® for holidays: Halloween (black pepper & orange), Christmas (strawberry & kiwi) or Valentine's Day (pomegranate & pink rose) - all will definitely bring your party to life!

2. Flavors Up Any Recipe

Our Bursting Boba® are a very versatile product. Simple to enjoy! Pop some in your mouth, freeze for an icy texture, put in bubble tea and other drinks (shot shot shot) for a unique taste, on desserts such as yogurt, ice cream, parfaits and snow/shaved ice. It's great to add a punch of flavor to water too. Some of our customers even add it to alcoholic drinks for a fruity twist, or on top of salad as a "dressing" --- and they LOVE it. There are endless ways to use our Bursting Boba®. Be creative!
Bossen Bursting Boba®

3. Ready to Eat

Bursting Boba® are made to be ready to eat right out of the container. No preparation is required, just open and scoop and enjoy! Definitely recommended to serve chilled for optimal flavor. Remember, each container comes with a resealable lid to keep the bobas fresh. Refrigerate once its opened.

4. Best Quality Ingredients

We want to give the best quality to our customers, because we care. Bossen's Bursting Boba® have passed all FDA and USDA inspections - so 100% safe, and YUMMY ingredients. Our Pure 25 has REAL fruit inside and are made with 40% juice than our regular line.

5. Gluten-Free, Low Calories

Who says desserts has to be a guilty pleasure? Each serving of Bursting Boba® is gluten-free and contains only 27 calories for guilt-free sweetness!! Yummy treat to eat.

6. Over 30+ Flavors

We have over 30+ flavors from basic Apples, Strawberry and Peach to more tropical and exotic: Watermelon, Mango, Lychee, Kiwi and Pomegranate. Want more? We have Yogurt, Cherry, Passion Fruit and MORE! We recently premiered our Embrace line, featuring unique flavors such as: Black Pepper, Chili Pepper and Pink Rose. Try our variety of Bursting Boba® and find your favorite.

Bossen Bursting Boba®

7. Different Sizes

Bossen is the only brand in the market that carries the 1-lb. Mini Tub Bursting Boba®. Each 1-lb. serves an estimated 15 servings. We currently have 3-pack and 6-pack party combos, but you can also use our large tubs 7.25 lb containers for your bubble tea store, personal parties and gatherings.

Get your Bursting Boba® today!


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