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Premium Green Tea Leaves- A2

Premium Green Tea Leaves- A2

Bossen's specialty green tea leaves contain very smooth jasmine flavor.

If you like stronger jasmine flavor, please check our Jasmine Green Tea Leaves -B3

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Storage & Care:

- Avoid excessive heat or moisture.

- Avoid constant exposure to light.

- Expiration date as marked on the package.


Shelf Life: 2 years


Country of Origin: Taiwan


Net Weight: 600 g per bag, 26.4 lbs per case


50 g tea leaves

2000 cc water


  1. Ratio of tea leaves to water is 1:40.
  2. In a pot, boil water until 85° C.
  3. Turn off the heat, add tea leaves and make sure all tea leaves are soaked in water.
  4. Let steam for 8 minutes with lid closed.
  5. Filter the tea with a mesh or filter cloth. Let cool until the tea is 65° C.
  6. Pour into a tea warmer and it’s ready to serve.

*To make milk tea (or to make stronger-flavored tea), the ratio of tea leaves to water is 1:30.*

*Yields about 2000 cc tea.*

*Best to serve within 4 hours.*

*Cloth is recommended over mesh when filtering tea.*


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