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Holiday Guide for Bursting Boba® Drinks, Parfait & Shot Recipes

Bossen Bursting Boba Holiday Guide


Make bubble tea drinks and have your boba party with our Holiday Guide for Bursting Boba® Drinks, Parfait & Shot Recipes! Use our fruity and flavorful Bursting Bobas® - made with REAL fruit inside - to sparkle up your bubble tea, snow ice, yogurt and more. Let's get into the science of it first.

While molecular gastronomy has stormed the food scene for a while, it can still be a fairly new concept to some. Through this unique spherification technique, fresh and authentic flavors are preserved in a thin exterior skin to enhance cuisine flavor, texture and aesthetic - therefore forming Bursting Bobas®. The taste and excitement of popping the simply juicy bobas in your mouth while sipping on yummy drinks, means social gatherings are even more fun. As the holiday season is around the corner, our Bursting Bobas® (aka popping boba balls, or juice balls) are a great addition to any holiday, whether you're a fan of bubble tea or new to boba.

A wide variety of Bursting Boba® flavors are able in bright, bold colors, such as Christmas holiday editions! We've included some trending  recipe ideas for living la vida boba!


Eat Drink & Be Merry with Bursting Bobas®!

 Bossen Bursting Boba Infused Drinks, Parfait & Shot

Bursting Boba® Infused Drinks

The idea of popping boba balls infused with drinks is nothing new. Yet this classic mixture is always worth mentioning over and overagain. We love how simple beverages - iced green tea, citrus-flavored smoothie or ginger ale - can make Bursting Boba® sparkle even more.  

Bursting Boba® Parfait

Bursting Boba® are known to be paired with frozen yogurt. We found it pairs perfectly with regular yogurt as well. Choose your favorite kind - be it Greek, Icelandic, or even homemade plain yogurt - and layer with your favorite boba flavor or other toppings (i.e. fresh fruit, chopped nuts, granola, etc.). We also tried the boba with vanilla flavored frozen custard, glazed walnuts and a drizzle of honey… M.I.N.D. B.L.O.W.N!

Bursting Boba® Shots

We all need some grown-up boba fix at some time, to live like a child, and stay strong like an adult. Alcoholic boba is an enjoyment for both personas at once. The refreshing, fruity, mildly sweet flavor of the popping boba that reminisces pop rocks. The pungent taste of spirits and liquor that reminds you the bitter-sweetness of now. This is something you just can’t resist. We would recommend to pair with gin, rum, vodka. Be adventurous to match up different flavors and have fun with it.

*This is recommended for 21 years old or above.

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