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Hong Kong Style Tea & Coffee Pot

Hong Kong Style Tea & Coffee Pot

SKU: KS1030

Designed for percolating traditional Hong Kong Milk Tea, you can also brew your coffee or tea with our food-grade safe aluminum Tea Pot.

Made from lightweight, food-grade safe aluminum, this pot can withstand high heat, is easy to pour from and holds up to 3 liters.


Create authentic, strong-flavored Hong Kong Milk Tea with this versatile pot, and several of our other key products such as: Hong Kong Tea, Filter Cloth Bag and Metal Ring


Add a bit of creamer or condensed milk for sweetness in your tea.


The secret of Hong Kong Milk Tea is fine straining through the filter cloth.


Product Features

* Lightweight and Portable

* Large ergonomic handle to easily pour from large spout

* Comes with lid with handle

* Made from food-grade Aluminum (use only with liquids)

* Securely packaged in a box

* Width: 8.75" (with handle), Height: 9.75" (with lid on)

* Capacity: 3 liters (0.8 gallon)

Net Weight: 0.8 lbs (0.36 kg)

Origin: Hong Kong

Ships wrapped in a protective, brown cardboard box.


Recipe makes 7 servings of 16 oz. Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

  1. Place the strainer in the metal ring, and rest it on top of the teapot rim.

  2. Put ¾ cup tea leaves in the strainer, and pour 2.5 litre (0.65 gallon) boiled water through the strainer to the pot.

  3. Bring tea to a boil.

  4. Take out strainer and hold it on top of an empty teapot. Carefully pour the tea in the first tea pot through tea leaves and strainer into the second tea pot. Repeat for four times.

  5. To serve a 16 oz, pour 1 ½ cup hot tea, ½ cup concentrated milk and 3 tsp sugar.