Filter Cloth Bag for Hong Kong Style Tea

Filter Cloth Bag for Hong Kong Style Tea

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Designed for straining traditional Hong Kong Milk Tea leaves, the filter cloth bag is made of natural fibers and is used in conjunction with our Metal Ring, which holds the bag. You can sew it in, or easily clip it with small binder clips.


Pour your Hong Kong Style tea leaves through the strainer to filter extraneous pieces for a smooth, silky tea. Create an authentic, strong-flavored Hong Kong Milk Tea by mixing either creamer or condensed milk for sweetness in your tea.


Get this Filter Cloth, your Hong Kong Style Tea LeavesMetal Ring, and Tea Pot.


HOW TO USE: The filter cloth bag needs to be seen at the top with an open-end so the metal ring can be slid into the sewn part of the cloth. Once on, you can hold the ring handle and pour your liquid into the cloth as a filter. 

  * This product listing is for Filter Cloth Bag ONLY.



Material: Cotton


- Width: 8"

- Length: 11.5"

Recipe makes 7 servings of 16 oz. Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

  1. Place the strainer in the metal ring, and rest it on top of the teapot rim.

  2. Put ¾ cup tea leaves in the strainer, and pour 2.5 liters (0.65 gallons) of boiled water through the strainer to the pot.

  3. Bring tea to a boil.

  4. Take out the strainer and hold it on top of an empty teapot. Carefully pour the tea in the first teapot through tea leaves and strainer into the second teapot. Repeat four times.

  5. To serve a 16 oz, pour 1 ½ cup hot tea, ½ cup concentrated milk, and 3 tsp sugar.