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Strawberry Iced Slush (Made with Non-Dairy Creamer!)


Creamer is so easy to store and keep compared to liquid-type creamers. We want to share with you an iced slush recipe that replaces milk with non-dairy creamer. And it tastes... so good!






You will need:
3 tablespoons Bossen Strawberry Powder
2 tablespoons Bossen Non-Dairy Creamer
4 ounces hot water
2 ounces fructose
16 ounces ice
1 tablespoon of your favorite Bursting Boba (Optional)

Bossen Strawberry Iced Slush
1. Put Strawberry Powder, Bossen Non-Dairy Creamer, hot water, fructose and ice in the blender, and blend well.
2. In the cup, add the Bursting Boba you love, pour the slush to the cup, and enjoy the wonderful drink with our large boba straw!



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