Tea Collection

Choose from the finest curated collection of quality ingredient teas with the richest depth of flavors and aromas from Bossen. Serve delicious tea hot or cold, or use as a base for your bubble teas and fruit drinks. 

🍵 We offer tea flavors such as black tea, green tea, oolong tea, fruity and flowery teas in a variety of forms: ground, loose leaves and tea bags.

Did you know you can use our Tea Espresso machine to create hot water instantly and use loose leaves/grinds for coffee or tea and make drinks consistently and quickly? Our Bubble Tea & Smoothie Drinks Blender with any tea bags for a quick, smooth "brew", add the Crema Top to make crema easily. 

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Pesticide-Free Black Tea bag
Pesticide-Free Black Tea | NEW
From $18.95 - $369.95
Pesticide-Free Green Tea bag
Pesticide-Free Green Tea | NEW
From $18.95 - $369.95
Black Tea Leaves Premium 8061
Black Tea 8061, Loose Leaf
From $10.95 - $215.00
Oolong Black Tea, Loose Leaf<BR>PREMIUM
Oolong Black Tea, Loose Leaf
From $17.95 - $340.00
Cha Thai Tea Leaves packaging
Cha Thai Tea, Loose Leaf
From $4.50 - $129.00
Coffee Black Tea Leaves
Coffee Black Tea, Loose Leaf
From $6.95 - $130.00
Dark Roast Oolong, Loose Leaf closeup
Dark Roast Oolong, Loose Leaf
From $8.95 - $159.95
Earl Grey Black Tea Leaves
Earl Grey Black Tea, Loose Leaf
From $11.95 - $220.00
Jasmine Green Tea B3, Loose Leaf closeup
Jasmine Green Tea B3, Loose Leaf
From $5.95 - $200.00
Jinxuan Oolong Tea Leaves
Milky Jinxuan Oolong Tea, Loose Leaf
From $19.45 - $378.95
Oolong Green Tea Leaves
Oolong Green Tea, Loose Leaf
From $12.95 - $244.45
Thai Green Milk Tea Leaves - BossenStore.com
 - 2
Thai Green Milk Tea, Loose Leaf
From $4.95 - $190.00